We make a point to get to know the farmers we buy from personally

All our meat is ethically sourced and reared locally, where possible. We make a point to get to know the farmers we buy from personally and all meat is hung for maximum maturity and taste.

The Beef we sell comes from local farms with the exception of our Scottish Topside which comes from Aberdeenshire. Fed on a healthy grass and cereal-based diet our beef is produced from our carefully chosen farmers and each cut is carefully prepared to ensure that it is suitable for its intended use.

We work with a carefully chosen group of local farmers to provide tender, naturally reared lamb. Because we benefit from milder winters in the South West we can sell lamb all year round that is sourced from local suppliers without compromising our ethical principles.

All our pork is local and reared outdoors. The pigs spend their entire life outside doing what comes naturally, roaming freely in open fields and rooting through the soil. This makes for a happy pig and better tasting pork.

Good bacon starts with the way the pigs are reared, and we buy our bacon from award winning pig farmers. We know the farmers personally, and they’re committed to our high standards of quality, food safety and animal welfare.

All our chickens are reared locally. Our free range chickens are sold with an absolute guarantee of no added water, antibiotics or growth hormones and each one is fully traceable.

Other Poultry
Duck and Goose. Both are sourced locally and are free range.

Speciality Meats
We can also get speciality meats such as Rabbit, Pheasant, Venison etc. If you are interested please let us know as we're happy to source these for our customers.

You can be sure that the meat you buy from us will be of the highest quality, be fully traceable and will have been sourced in the most responsible way.